The film 'TEMPO' is part of my undergraduate course's final project in Fashion Photography, in which this one offers a meditation to the world, about the relationship between Humans (silver mask) and Time (white mask).

Director: Luis Carmo 
Fashion Designer: Federico Protto 
Stylist: Raul Leal 
Models: Matheus Real & Mafalda Faleiro 
Soundtrack: Luis Medeiros 
First assistant: Tony Woods 
Second assistant: Ruben Santos 
Special thanks to: Mariana Teixeira (Tavira's Club) & Luis Manhita (Lethes Theater)

‘What is it time made of?’,‘Is it truly real?’,‘Why are we guided by him through numbers?’,‘How would be the world without its acknowledgment?’,‘Is it possible to travel in time?’,‘Do we really know anything about it?’ 

In Time we Born, in Time we Grow, in Time we Die...
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